Green Deal

The Green deal was introduced by the the government to reduce the carbon emissions from buildings to assist the United Kingdom to meet the carbon reductions set for 2050.

Home owners and tenants can have their property upgraded for no upfront cost. There is also Eco funding available.

External and internal solid wall insulation will be free to all properties that have solid walls or hard to treat properties.

Reduce your energy by insulating your house, improve your heating system with a new boiler

You may qualify for Eco funding to have the work done.

I work with local installers which are SMEs. We provide installation for all the improvements that are on Green Deal some providers only do a few of the improvements.

How Green Deal works

Here is a five step process for household customers to know how the GREEN DEAL will work.

  1. Assessment: A GREEN DEAL Assessor will come to your home, talk to you about your energy use and see if you could benefit from making energy efficiency improvements to your home.
  2. Your Assessor will recommend improvements that are appropriate for your property and indicate whether they are expected to pay for themselves through reduced energy bills.
  3. Quotes: GREEN DEAL Providers will discuss with you whether a GREEN DEAL Plan is right for you and quote for the recommended improvements.
  4. Installation: Once you’ve agreed to a GREEN DEAL Plan, your Provider (like IEO) will arrange for the improvements to be made to your home by a GREEN DEAL Installer.
  5. Benefits: You can now start to enjoy a more energy efficient home. Your GREEN DEAL repayments will be automatically added to the electricity bill for the home.

Green Deal Application

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